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Dry Gin 41 Clubs Belgium
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Dry Gin 41 Clubs Belgium

41 Clubs Belgium’s Gin is refined, mild in taste. A taste that takes you to the golden age when the VOC fleet moored in the most exotic ports. No fewer than 22 citrus keys are trapped in this bottle and are released slowly when you open the bottle with love.
Enjoy the 41 Clubs Belgium Dry Gin.
Pure, straight from the freezer.
On the Rocks or with a soft tonic, but especially with good friends. Fresh and aromatic. Keys of lemon and lime in the nose. After some time oriental tones like lemongrass, ginger, and kumayat. Only then do rich aromas develop as cascade hops, kafir and yuzo’s zest. This is a Gin where flavors and tastes roll over each other in a pleasant way. A true taste sensation !!